Our Passion Led Us Here

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Doris Angel’s Janitorial Services LLC, is to provide reliable, satisfactory service to all of our customers to build a good long lasting relationship. We intend to create that relationship through trust and reliability. 


The owner, Demetria Lachney, most lovingly and proudly has given her business her mother’s name.

Demetria says that “Mary Doris Felix, is not only the name of the company but the 20 plus hard-working years in the cleaning business was what motivated me to get into the business. My Mom was a very kind hearted, stern individual but was also big on teaching her kids responsibility. We as kids may not have had everything we wanted but she worked hard to make sure we had what we needed. As a kids my siblings and I where given chorus around the house not knowing one day these lessons at home would one day lead to working along side our mother in the cleaning industry. This taught us to be hardworking, responsible individuals but also forged a bond to work as a team to get things done so that our Mom could be proud of us. So now that the business is open in her honor we have reactivated that bond to insure that our Mom’s legacy is known to generations, it’s not where you start, it’s where you work hard to be. You may fumble in life but it’s now you recover will determine the outcome. My siblings and I are determined to instill the same ethics in our kids as our mom did for us. 



About Us

Doris Angel’s Janitorial Services LLC is a family-owned and operated company. We share over 20 years of commercial, residential, and offshore experience combined. With our years of experience, we are ready to provide our knowledge and professional services to meet your satisfaction. 


Doris Angel’s Janitorial Services LLC provides services in and around the Lafayette, Louisiana areas. We offer cost-effective services to ensure your residence and/or commercial site is disinfectant and cleaned to your satisfaction.